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Hey there, mental health enthusiasts! Let me introduce myself - I'm Bartek, the creative mastermind behind the visual magic of 'How are you feeling?', the brainchild of the one and only Max Hovey - @max_hovey

As a Product Designer, I've been dedicated to making mental health cool, fun, and stylish. From designing eye-catching journal cover to creating vibrant visuals that pop like confetti, I'm infusing every page of 'How are you feeling?' with the wow-factor.

After all, who said mental health resources can't be enjoyable?

Get your copy here:



liz's side hustle 

l draw in my downtime and still do the odd commission. My love for the grotesque and unusual lends itself heavily to my hand-drawn, chaotic style. My editorial work has included album artwork, indie zines, club nights and even a book cover.


My work background and passion for social justice often overspills into my work whether it’s criticizing the media coverage of the London riots, creating protest banners or illustrating an article on sex positivity.

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